China expected to pay trillions of compensation to all countries corona virus victims

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As we have seen at the end of a war,the perpetrators of the wars of each disaster, compensate their victims,as it is whispered by many,unofficially in this stage,that after this great pandemic catastrophe,they will go to international court,and condemn  china as a crime at the end of a trial, the trial Chamber may order a convicted china to pay tens of trillions compensation to the victims of the corona virus of which can found guilty. Reparations may include monetary compensation, to the country victim of the corona virus, rehabilitation or symbolic measures such as apologies.

The Court may award reparations on an individual or collective basis, whichever is, in its opinion, the most appropriate for the victims in the particular case. An advantage of collective reparations is that they provide relief to an entire community and help its members to rebuild their lives, such as the building of victim services centres or the taking of symbolic measures.

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