Behind AT&T’s plan to take on Netflix, Apple and Disney with HBO Max

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 In the bestselling novel “Circe” — optioned by WarnerMedia for its forthcoming HBO Max streaming service — the daughter of the Greek god Helios tames wild beasts and menaces the gods.

WarnerMedia executives want “Circe” to unleash a different power: attracting young viewers to the company’s belated entry in the streaming-video war.

HBO Max, which will be HBO plus movies, original shows, and TV classics such “Friends,” will be available starting this spring to 10 million AT&T customers who are also HBO subscribers in the United States at no extra charge, according to AT&T Chief Operating Officer John Stankey, who disclosed the figures for the first time in an interview with Reuters.

These are a portion of the customers that currently pay for an AT&T-owned product such as DirecTV or AT&T wireless phone service.

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